My name is Jacquie Campbell, I’m a glass artist and I’ve been exploring glass since 2004. My exploration of self expression through art started at a young age and was encouraged heavily by my grandparents. Over the years I’ve experimented with many forms of art but it wasn’t until I found molten glass that I fell in love and felt whole.
I get inspiration from everywhere, nature is a favourite but I also find books are amazing. I read a lot of fantasy and that shows in my dragons, goblins and various other critters than sneak into my brain and walk out of the kiln when I open the door in the morning. Every time I open the kiln to the previous days creations it’s like Christmas, I never tire of the excitement it creates.
Although at times experimentation isn’t successful it makes me more determined to work through the problems I’ve created and eventually succeed.
Creating art in a flame forces you to concentrate 100% on what you’re doing. It’s very easy to loose yourself in the process and at times yes you get burnt most are minor, but loose concentration, well you’ll only do it once….
All my glass work is created in a propane and oxygen flame they must then go into a kiln to be annealed. Annealing takes all the stress, which is created in the flame, out of the bead making the glass stronger and more durable.