Rob Hayley is fascinated by glass, in the early 1970’s it was the use of leadlight glass in architecture that attracted him.
I soon found myself dabbling & experimenting with leadlight and restoration of old windows. My first house in 1979 was where I really began my serious glasswork, restoring & rebuilding all the windows.
Through the next few years, Rob was teaching in primary schools but he continued his glasswork as a serious hobby, constantly fascinated with the use of glass in windows. “Finally in 1995 I resigned as a school teacher to pursue my love of all things glass as a full time occupation. So far it’s been an interesting journey, but my leadlight & restoration work has lead me to the amazing world of warm glass”.
“Warm Glass refers to glass fired, made, altered, in a glass kiln. This has inspired me because of the almost limitless possibilities of working in three dimensional glass.” Rob says he has always been a hands-on person always needing to be creating & making things. Warm Glass or Kiln fired glass has provided the perfect outlet for my creativity. I love making, experimenting, testing and just playing with my glass.
I believe you must be totally devoted to your passion. I consider myself so lucky to be able to freely pursue my art and often find that there is not enough time in a day to do the things I wish to do. I take inspiration from almost everything, sometimes so much so that I don’t get through all I want to do. Whether it’s through private commissions or just following a creative process, experimenting, I love what I do and hope other can see that through my creations.
“Ten years ago, I had no idea I would be doing this and I don’t know what I will be doing ten years from now. What I know for sure is that glass art in some form will be at the centre of it”