After graduating from NMIT with a Visual Arts Advanced Diploma in 2014, Susan has continued to develop her skills as an accomplished oil painter/mixed media and innovative printmaker by utilising her love of photography to produce illustrations in graphite, charcoal, ink and chalk as a important source to ignite her imagination for each new project.

The subjective approach to Susan’s oil paintings is based on local urban and residential sectors past and present, the rustic appeal of rural bushland, coastal seascapes, the people and native animals living within these environments. Her paintings are inspired by 19th century Australian and international impressionislists’ works of people in everyday life, these influences are shown through Susan’s work in a tonal realistic manner giving vivid colour, movement and light to her work. These paintings are produced on fine french linen, fine paper and board. Mixed media materials such as gold & silver leaf and esins are added to certain inspired paintings.

Susan’s training and creativity in printmaking has inspired works which are of individuals in portraiture, the human form in abstract, flora and fauna, commercial and rural landscapes. Her works have been produced in oil based inks and watercolour utilising traditional techniques such as; copper etching ; soft/hard (bitumen) ground and multicoloured oil based inks on silk lino reduction printed on delicate rice paper and heavy stock stonehenge paper. In addition, she has produced custom hand stitched artist books based on elements of her local life and memories of her international travel experiences using a combination of multimedia full colour components and printmaking copper etching techniques.

Susan continues to be visionally captivated and humbled by her everyday surroundings in which she lives, the Nillumbik Shire, with its rustic charm, the native animals living within this region and a feeling of peace that occurs as its resident. With her love of photography, she endeavours to capture this region’s natural beauty, its vibrancy of colour and flickering light through the gum trees. New projects are in progress as Susan examines and explores new boundaries of nature and everyday life.