Nerina is an accomplished Melbourne Artist who has been exhibiting in Australia and internationally for over 20 years. Her paintings are part of private collections in Australia, Singapore, UK, America and Japan. She has recently completed an artist’s residency at Dunmoochin in Cottles Bridge and has been invited to become a Director of the Dunmoochin Foundation.

“Over the past decade, my work has been inspired by the sacred arts of a number of Asian cultures. Be it a painting on a shrine wall, a monk’s calligraphy koan or a beautifully woven kimono, these ancient objects of beauty seem to ‘point to’ the essence of all life. Over time, dust, dirt and decay appear to conceal the treasure beneath – but the essence that inspired the creation originally can never be marred or destroyed with time. Similarly, the understanding of our true essence and connection to ‘the whole’ is sensed deep within ourselves – beneath the layers of mind, emotions and form. This essence is also a beautiful treasure which is always present, just beneath the surface.
My artistic practice combines the influences of the ancient artwork from the orient, an understanding of Zen Buddhist philosophy and the natural beauty of the Australian bush.
My work contains an element of a space or stillness which suggests a magical, ‘alive’ dimension beyond the material, yet balanced beside this space are forms and objects of the natural world. The use of gold and silver leaf, screen printed patterns and a haze of encaustic wax combine to create a sensitive reverence towards commonly overlooked objects including branches of gum leaves, blossom in flower or a flowing stream.
The paintings are material objects that depict an image which arose from the essence and which, at their highest function, will offer the viewer a window to their own invisible essence within.”

“It is clear her works are meant to act as a kind of mandala to aid viewers in entering the meditation process. You focus on the works and are led to a higher spiritual plane – somehow the mist or haze leads you higher up the spectrum of consiousness, beyone religionor rational materialism. You feel like you are living 13th century Zen Master Dogen’s famous essay, “The Time Being”, a treatise on the dimension of time where you immerse yourself in a moment in time, living, breathing and experiencing that very moment when time stands still. All that is left is a yearning, craving for a sense of wholeness or spitritual consumation that you know your hectic life as a whole will never deliver.”

Emilyn Ang, The Business Times, Singapore.